Hessian Drums makes „stave“ snares. All of our snares are constructed by bonding multiple sections together to form a single polygonal shell. And since their assembly requires only a fraction of the glue as industrial ply shells, our snares vibrate more naturally and produce a fuller, richer tone.


The real difference between Hessian Drums and other manufacturers, however, is their cone shaped inner chamber. Although not visible from the outside, the inside of our shells (6.5“ snare) are 12mm thick at the top and open up to 7mm at the bottom, making them ultra-sensitive but with plenty of attack and lots of punch.


All of our drums are custom built to the drummers’s specifications. All aspects are discussed and decided upon before construction, everything from the materials (wood, hardware, etc.) down to the finish (clear, color or a custom design). If you can imagine it, we can build it. We aim to give you the sound and style you’ve been looking for.