"I had Christian make a 14 X 7 Hessian snare for me, with the Mahogany shell. I love this drum! It has a great voice. It's sensitive yet the Conical 13 to 8 mm shell, has a tremendous punch and a solid "downward" projection. This drum is my "go to" drum for big snare sounds, especially for Rock and Ballads.

The Hessian snare is a key drum in my snare drum arsenal!"

Russ Miller (American Idol T.V. show, International Recording Artist)


"It was while searching for a custom snare sound that samples of the particular tone I was looking for led me to Christian. He used the samples to design a drum that was exactly how I had imagined it, a 14/6 zebrano snare with a conical shell. A superbly built snare that responds amazingly and has a wide dynamic range.

One of my absolute favorite instruments!!!!! Thanks Christian!"

Mario Garruccio (Edo Zanki, Julia Neigel, VOX - „Sing Meinen Song“)


"This snare is absolutely killer!!! Tons of crack in the highs and and a deep shell that gives it lots of low end too. The sound and style of this snare make it totally unique.

To anyone not yet familiar with Hessian Drums...you NEED to check it out!"

Dirk Brand (Axxis, Tutor)


"I own a 5.5X14 Hessian snare drum, aside from the fact that it's a beautiful drum and extremely well build, it also sounds amazing in any environment, be it a small venue, or a huge arena.

I'm a very hard hitter and that thing takes the beating like a boss, stays in tune, and never let's me down.

This thing is a bomb!"

Gideon Berger (Useless ID /Fatwreck)


Drums & Percussion 3/2015